Bird Removal

There is a bird problem in Mississauga especially with pigeons. They can cause damage to residential and commercial buildings. Birds love to nest in side vents, soffits and chimneys. Their nest tends to block airflow and can be a huge fire hazard. The more birds there are, the more droppings are which can cause a major health risk to the residents. This is even a bigger issue during summer when it gets dry and airborne.

canstockphoto9665424Some methods of bird removals include installing spikes, screen and nets. During our review of the job site, we make sure to thoroughly remove the nest and birds while sealing of their entry hole. This is so they can’t re-enter. If there are any eggs, we place them in an incubator close to the hole to ensure their survival. After a few weeks they will be ready to fly away. Our top priority is to ensure the safety of the birds and their eggs while removing them. For humane and cost effective bird removal please call our office at 1-866-650-1811 and a technician will respond within 24 hours.

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