Raccoon Removal

Raccoons can cause major damage to your property that is why it is crucial to take immediate action. 360 Wildlife Control is here for you when you need raccoons to be removed from your residence. We focus on safe humane methods and this is based on the anima’s behavior and habits. By following and understanding their movements it allows us to the necessary action to get ride of the raccoon while making sure they are safe in the process.

canstockphoto20052457Our trained staff will be on site and make sure you are comfortable with the removal plan so please do not hesitate to call us if you have a raccoon problem. We are well known for our humane animal control practices in Mississauga and will always do what is in the best interest of both of client and wild animals involved.

What Threats Do Wild Raccoons Pose?

  • It is best to call a professional when dealing with a raccoon as they can turn vicious if they feel threatened
  • Droppings from wild raccoons can quickly spread diseases
  • Raccoons can cause major damage to your property as they are able to chew through a variety of materials such as insulation, wires, and wood.

Where Do Raccoons Typically Nest?

Raccoons typically nest in attics, chimneys, walls or the space under decks. They enter by squeezing through roof vent, roof pipes, or by simply creating their own hole to tunnel through.

How Are Raccoons Removed?

At 360 Wildlife Control, our main tactic in removing raccoons from the residence is by using a one-way door and this is place over the entry hole. By installing this, it only allows the raccoon to leave but not re-enter. However if there are baby raccoons involved, a person must go in and remove them physically to ensure their safety. Once the babies are removed, we would then place them in a “baby box” near the entry hole in order for the mother to reunite with them. She then can relocate them to a safer location.

Call 1-866-650-1811 today to book an appointment for raccoon removal in Toronto or the surrounding area. We will dispatch a wildlife control technician to your home within 24 hours of your call.

Raccoon Recon.

With their ringed tail and black and white face mask, Raccoons are easy to recognize. Their distinctive markings are what give them their nickname: the “masked bandits” of the forest.

What they Eat

Medium sized omnivores, Raccoons eat almost anything – from fruit, nuts and berries to frogs, insects, bird eggs and mice. Urban Raccoons also scavenge for food in dumpsters, garbage cans, and composts. Pet food left outdoors is also a favourite snack.

Where they Live

Raccoons living in residential areas often make their dens in chimneys, garages, attics, under sheds, porches, and decks.

Life with humans

In populated areas such as Mississauga, raccoons have access to a variety of resources such as food and shelter. Most of all they are away from predators. Their numbers are growing and this is due to their breeding and adaptability to human neighborhoods. Simply scaring a raccoon away will not always work and may result in them attacking. It’s better to call a professional to remove the creature. Preventative measures are needed to ensure they do not return. We must learn how to coexist with them since we can never get rid of wildlife.

Fast Fact

Raccoons are incredible climbers and intelligent, therefore can weasel it’s way into basically anything their body will fit through. They have the ability to open containers in order to access food so it is important to always seal items properly. Rather than dealing with mischievous raccoons alone, a professional would be better equipped to handle the situation.

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