Skunk Removal

Get Safe, Effective Skunk Removal in Toronto

At 360 Wildlife Control, we have tremendous respect for all wild animals including those pesky skunks. Since they are known for their smell, we have created an effective way of removal skunks without incidents. We always make sure our methods are first and foremost safe for the animal, as we don’t believe in harming them in the process.

You might be a little overwhelmed at first when you see a skunk near your home but remain calm. The best solution is to call 360 Wildlife Control to schedule a skunk removal in Mississauga.

canstockphoto4495711Where Do Skunks Tend to Nest?

Skunks love Mississauga because of its urban environment. They rely on garbage, compost, and pet food placed outside for food.

Since skunks aren’t the best at climbing they tend to stay low on the ground. But on the other hand they are strong at digging and will dig a tunnel under your shed, deck or porch to build a nest.

What Threats Do Skunks Pose?

Like all mothers, they are protective of their young. They will spray an overwhelming odour at the target if they feel their babies are being attacked. The spray can reach up to 15 feet. The foul odour is also a mark of territory. The horrible odour around your home will persist until the skunk is removed.

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Spying a Skunk from a Safe Distance

There is a reason why the skunk has glossy black fur and a distinctive white stripe, and it’s to warn us of their presence. Their spray is pungent and can travel up to 15 feet. This is to protect them from any predators. They spray acts as a territory marking and can burn your eyes if there is contact, which may cause temporary blindness.

What they Eat

Skunks are omnivores, so they’ll basically eat anything. This includes rodents, worms, insects, grub, carrion, garbage, compost and neglected pet food.

Where they Live

Since they aren’t known for their climbing abilities, skunks look for low spaces. Especially under porches, sheds, rocks or debris.

Life with Humans

You will most likely see a skunk at dusk, as they are twilight animals with excellent smell and hearing but poor vision. Typically there are 4-7 kits per birth and they usually will have them per year. The mother is really protective of her young so never try and remove the babies without a professional.


Since skunks are poor climbers, it’s easy to close down a backyard buffet: store garbage in bins or boxes
• Store garbage in garage or basement until pickup
• Fit garbage cans with tight lids and secure the cans so they can’t be tipped over

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